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The Official Dream Theater Mailing List T-Shirt

    Product ID: YTJ-T01
  • Front: Full Color on Black
  • Back: Blue on Black
  • Sizes: XL Only
  • Printed on Haynes Beefy-T T-shirts
  • USA / Canada Price: $8 + $4 Shipping and Handling
  • Outside US: Add an additional $5 for Shipping and Insurance

    Please note:
  • The Ytsejam Mailing List has changed its address to so I have discounted these shirts to $8 each.

I began this design at the beginning of summer 1996 as a shirt for the MytseCon (Midwest Ytsejam Convention) in Chicago. Well, the MytseCon fell through, but I still went ahead with the shirts. The design has been changed slightly on the back so it's more of a general shirt that any Ytsejammer can be proud to wear. The shirts premiered at YtseCon III in New York on October 12th, 1996 where they met with moderate sales.

The front design is edited from an image created by Chris Hailey in Washington. It appears on the shirt much like you see it here, although the color is slightly off in some cases as can be expected of a process job like this. The back is printed in the same blue you see here, so what you see is what you get.

The shirts are printed on a high quality, tight-weave, black cotton Hanes Beefy-T shirt, which are incredibly durable. The front of the shirt has been printed in color, and the back is in blue. The original cost of these shirts was $16 each, with an additional $4 for US shipping or $9 for overseas shipping. However, because the Ytsejam mailing list has changed its address from to, I have cut the price in half since the address on back is no longer accurate. The shirt is still an excellent conversation piece at Dream Theater and other concerts, and a way of showing your loyalty to the list. Many people still wear 'old school' Ytsejam shirts from the days. This is a way to get a piece of Ytsejam history at half the price.

This is a limited edition print of 200 shirts. The actual print run came out to a few more than the 200 planned, but I gave quite a few away, including 6 which I hand delivered to Dream Theater (Mike, John, John, James, Derek, and Jordan).

They look great, and opinions of those that have them already are running quite high. If you would like to know what people think of them, check out some of the first comments I received here.

If you have any questions you can contact us.



Shirt Availability:



  • $8 per shirt
  • $4 additional for shipping within the USA
  • $9 additional for shipping outside the USA

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