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What is The Gabbo Network?
First, let me start by introducing myself. My name is Pat Griffin, and I am what you might call a 'computer guy.' I build and repair computers, I use them constantly, I run networks, and I design web sites. I do computer graphics and animation, digital photo editing, Perl/CGI scripting, HTML, SSI, and CSS web pages. I play games, I write programs, I surf the internet. I think you get the idea.

Anyway, I have been on the Internet since 1995, and I had my own web page up less than a month after getting my first connection. My original site survived a number of site changes before I finally decided to buy my own domain name,, which was named for Reality Squared Design -- the name I have been using for my graphic art outlet since 1993. In 1999, I also purchased additional domain names for current and future projects. became my 'professional' site, and this domain,, was dubbed "The Gabbo Network." 'Gabbo' is the nickname I go by online, and it seemed appropriate as a sort of central location for all my online sites.

The purpose of The Gabbo Network is to serve as a hub for all of my sites. The main page contains links to all of my sites, which are hosted on various domains which I own. So take a look around, have fun, and I hope you enjoy what you find here.

All content, images, code, and scripts are copyright 1995-2024 Reality Squared Design. All Rights Reserved. Material may not be used without prior permission.

last modified: Sunday, June 6, 2010