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Weight:215 lbs.
Age:46 years, 11 months, 14 days, 0 hours, 4 minutes, 19 seconds
Birthday:December 15th

I was born, raised, and have lived most of my life in Saint Louis, Missouri. As a child, I attended a grade school two blocks from my house, ran track, and played pick-up hockey games on a parking lot on the corner. During gradeschool, I took a computer class in a lab filled with state of the art Radio Shack TRS-80 computers. That class mostly consisted of playing a very old, low quality bowling game (hey, we were in fifth grade). Before the year was out, I was already writing my own programs in BASIC on both the TRS-80 and the Apple IIe my cousin had just gotten.

After I graduated, I moved on to DuBourg High School, a Catholic school a couple of miles from home. Once I was there, I started working in the Library, which at DuBourg was also the computer center. I worked in the library, and also helped out with all of the computers in the school. At the time that I joined, there was a lab of Apple computers, and by the time I left, I had helped set up a school wide network of IBM PCs, as well as beginning to catalog all of the books in the library (a project that's still ongoing).

That fall, I packed my things and moved to Columbia for school at Mizzou. After a week or so of voluntarily helping out users in the computer lab at my dorm, I contacted the person in charge of all the Residence Hall labs, and was hired as the Residential Computer Consultant for Hudson Hall.

I started off as a Pre-Vet student, but after one semester of Animal Science courses, I decided that I was better off going into a computer field, since that seemed to be a natural talent. So I gave up my life long dream of becoming a vet and concentrated on computer studies instead.

During my second semester, a new Campus lab opened up, and I picked up two five hour shifts a week there, in addition to my RCC duties. When I returned the following year, I stayed on at both Blair Lab and Hudson. In the time I was at Mizzou, I picked up a healthy knowledge of the Internet and UNIX/Linux. I had never even seen the web before I went to Mizzou, and less than a month after I arrived, I had my own page up. By the time I left, I had had the privilege of running my own Linux server, as well as being a co-admin on a Linux box and a NeXT machine.

Now I'm back in Saint Louis, living at home once again. Two years went by at Mizzou, and I decided that money is good, so I'm saving a few thousand a year by staying on the Parent Plan. I continued my Computer Science degree at UMSL, but changed my degree program to Management Information Systems which is a more well-rounded degree program. I still plan to get a CompSci minor. I work for Crescent Parts in Saint Louis as a Network and Systems Administrator, as well as their webmaster, and I keep busy with other web design projects on the side.

I am engaged to Irene, who I have been seeing since the beginning of 1996, and we plan to get married in spring of 2001. After that I will be moving to Michigan, and beginning the rest of my life.

I have tons of interests and hobbies, and most of them are outlined in other areas of this site, so feel free to look around.

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