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There are two words that describe my family well: Large. Male.

My dad has 6 siblings, and my mom has 5 sisters and one brother. I myself have 4 brothers, 3 of which are married, all of which have (or are now expecting) children. Add that to the various spouses, cousins, etc, and my family could legally be incorporated as its own city. Never a dull moment at family get togethers, let me tell you.

Also, as I mentioned I have 4 brothers. Between three of them I have 5 nephews and only one niece. My oldest brother (ok, his wife) is expecting in November, and the House is laying the odds on it being a boy.

In my rush to get this site online, I have not had the time to prepare everything I would like to have for this page. Someday it will be lush with links and pictures and other things, but for the time being you will have to put up with boring text. Deal with it.

Bob and Molly -- Bob is my oldest brother, and he lives in New York with his wife, Molly. Bob is the Technical Director of the Juilliard School in Manhattan, and Molly works for a non-profit organization helping the mentally ill. They have just bought their first house, which they share with their dog, Reilly, and soon to be newborn. If it is a boy, he will most likely be named Robert Clifford Griffin V (Bob is IV, my dad is III, and my grandfather is Jr, and so on...), more affectionately known as "Cinco de Bob-o." Bob received all of the recessive genes in the family, ending up shorter than the rest of us, and the only one with curly hair.

Sean and Christine -- Sean works for Procter and Gamble in Kansas City, KS as an electrical engineer. He lives in Oleatha with his wife, Christine, and their two children, Shannon and Conner, who I am convinced are the cutest children to walk the face of the planet Earth since... well, me. Sean is the tallest of the brothers, standing around 6'4". He is also the hairiest among us, and was once tranquelized while walking on a public beach without a shirt after a scientific investigator mistook him for a sasquach.

Andy and Kelly -- Andy is 6 years my senior, and is commonly believed to be the reason my parents waited six years before having another child. He is now an officer for the Saint Louis Police Department. He lives in the city with his wife, Kelly, and their three boys, David, Chris, and Brendan. I have many many stories to tell about Andy, but I can't since he still lives two blocks from me and is licensed to carry a firearm.

Kevin -- Kevin is my only younger brother, and as anyone with a younger brother can attest to, one is plenty. He recently graduated from St. John's High School in Saint Louis. His hobbies include: tying up the phone line most of the day on AOL, talking on the phone most of the night, and going through everything I own while I am at class.

My mom -- My mom works for Bank of America (formerly Nations Bank (formerly Centerre Bank (formerly First Bank of Saint Louis))) in downtown Saint Louis, and has been there for over 30 years (since it was First Bank of STL).

My dad -- My dad was a Sergeant with the Saint Louis Police Department for 30 years before retiring a few years ago. After he discovered that relaxing didn't agree with him, he took a job as a Deputy Sheriff in Saint Louis County.

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