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All of the content contained in this site was created by Pat Griffin, dba Reality Squared Design, unless otherwise noted. All HTML files have been painstakingly coded by hand in notepad.exe -- the way it should be done. You are free to view my source and learn about the techniques I use for layout and design, as well as JavaScript, which is freely available anyway. However, you may not -- under any circumstances -- directly copy any of my pages or any of the content contained therein without express prior permission from me.

All of the graphics and images contained in this site were created or scanned by Pat Griffin specifically for this web site, unless otherwise noted*. You may not -- under any circumstances -- copy any of the images, graphics, logos, or any other graphic elements of these pages for any purpose.

Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in strict retaliation, including, but not limited to: legal recourse, a formal letter of copyright infringement directed to your internet service provider or web host, nasty emails, profanity, bludgeoning, public humiliation, a plague of locusts or frogs (our choice, please), loss of custody to your first born child, the Apocalypse, a made for TV movie staring Leonardo DiCrapio and Cher, or bombardment of your house at all hours of the night with 200 decibals of Hanson, Backstreet Boys, and N'Sync.

Do not take these threats lightly, I take my work and any form of copyright violation very seriously.

* The icons used in the menu are freely available on the Internet.

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