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September 17th, 2000 -- My cat, Roland, died this morning. R.I.P.

August 6th, 2000 -- Things have been incredibly busy lately. I just finished up the summer semester at UMSL, and now I'm on a two week vacation until the fall semester starts.

I joined an Aikido class today, which is a defensive martial art used by Stephen Seagal. I plan on adding something to my site about that as I have time, as well as expanding on a few ideas I had recently. So much to do, so little time.

July 14th, 2000 -- Well, the wedding plans are moving along. We have set the date at May 25th, 2001 (Memorial Day Weekend). We have the church and hall, and there is still more planning to do.

I've been working a lot on CGI scripts and other fun web stuff. Today's project was attempting to get my website HTML 4.01 Transitional compliant using the W3C HTML Validator. I've come close, but there are still a couple of errors to sort out. All in all, I think it has helped the page quite a bit.

June 15th, 2000 -- Things have been busy lately. I have more work and side projects as well as a full load of classes over the summer. So free time is about zero. My fiancee maintains the #ytsejam IRC Page for Dream Theater fans, and I have just completed the modifications to host it on my site. A guestbook has been added, and the address should be permanant now.

I also rushed to get my personal site online, so some of the sections are not completely fleshed out yet. A lot more will be added as time goes on, but for now I just wanted to get the site running. Sorry for those who were expecting more, it will come in due time.

April 16th, 2000 -- I had forgotten about my website for quite some time, apart from updating my CD List when I accumulated some new releases. I came back to the page some time ago and it hit me that I really hadn't modified the page at all since 1997. So I decided that a complete redesign was in order.

I have started to do web design for a couple of companies, and I have the link to my site from those pages, but I started to feel that having my design company mixed with my personal and Dream Theater pages doesn't exactly portray a professional image. I aquired a couple of new domain names in addition to where this site used to be hosted. So now is going to focus on my web design and related topics, and is going to be kind of a central hub for all that I do online. It is the home of my personal site, my Dream Theater site, my fiancee Irene's site, as well as links to my other websites.

I will be adding more stuff as time permits, for the time being, just look around and see what I have to offer.

November 24th, 1999 -- I proposed to my girlfriend of three and a half years on the night before Thanksgiving, and she accepted. Good thing, too, I'm running out of places to hide bodies. :)

November 22nd, 1999 -- I bought my first new car. A 2000 Ford Contour SE Sport, ordered custom, not dealer stock. Quite a good purchase. You can check out picture and other info on my car page.

November 1st, 1999 --My promotion at Crescent Parts & Equipment Co, Inc became official. I am now the Network and Systems Administrator, as well as web designer.

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